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Enobarbus and Antony Essays

Enobarbus and Antony Essays Enobarbus and Antony Essay Enobarbus and Antony Essay In this extract Enobarbus is relishing the attention of his fellow Roman soldiers as he recounts the spectacular first meeting between Cleopatra and Antony. He chooses a highly poetic, descriptive vocabulary to paint a picture of the extravagant sight of Cleopatras barge on its stately voyage down the river, bringing the sights, sounds and colours vividly to life for his spellbound audience. The opening lines of the extract show the dominant position Cleopatra holds in his memory: she pursued up his heart. The verb suggests that Cleopatra was the active participant in the love affair with Antony, revealing her predatory sexuality and supreme confidence in her own power and attractions. Agrippas interjections take the form of awestruck exclamations, revealing the extent of curiosity about the exotic lifestyle in Egypt that the Roman soldiers can usually only speculate about. Enobarbus swells with importance as he begins his account, and the line I will tell you is both a reminder of his own participation in the events, and a way of heightening expectation. The potent imagery of his speeches portrays Cleopatra as a rival to the goddess Venus, an apt role model for a woman who wields her sexuality as a weapon in her fight for power and status. Gold is the prevalent colour of the costumes and decoration of the procession, a burnishd throne, which is a symbol of great wealth and majesty. Clearly Cleopatra has chosen the allegorical role of Venus as a way of asserting her own divine status, both to her people who the city cast upon her, and to Antony. Not immune to the spell Cleopatra cast, Enobarbus hyperbolically personifies the very elements to suggest the sexual magnetism of the great queen: so perfumed that The winds were love-sick with them Cleopatra has the universe itself at her feet. In a time when gender roles were far more limiting for women than today, especially in Roman society, the strength and superiority of Cleopatra in her relationship with Antony is a source of wonderment, admiration and anxiety for the Roman soldiers. Enobarbus makes it clear that Antony was slighted by Cleopatras highly theatrical entrance, and the triumvir actually comes across as a pathetic figure, sitting alone in the market place during the celebrations when even the air itself had gone to gaze on Cleopatra. She took the dominant role in their relationship by refusing Antonys invitation to dine, and the fact that Enobarbus makes no effort to hide this from Caesars loyal followers, suggests both his respectful attitude to the power Cleopatra exerts over all men and his pained contempt for Antonys weakness which eventually leads to his defection.

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Developing individuals and teams ( CMI Level 3 Diploma) Assignment

Developing individuals and teams ( CMI Level 3 Diploma) - Assignment Example I believe that factors such as a clear communication of the objective to team members, frequent communication between team members, knowledge sharing, willingness to help each other, a high degree of engagement of team members with the team objective and able leadership contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Absence of these factors can make a team ineffective. Question 3 I believe that working as a team increases the probability of success and chances of achieving project objectives. Cross-functional knowledge sharing between team members increases the overall competency of a team. Working as a team creates the scope for team members to share knowledge through interactive communication and a diversity of ideas increases the level of creativity within the team. Every team member has a distinct competency and skill level and combinations of such team members creates the scope for the team to sail through a turbulent environment. ... I have successfully operated my role of a team coordinator while working with different teams, and I believe that my ability to adapt in difficult conditions has significantly helped me in such context. There were no such occasions while I was asked to work outside of your preferred role; hence it is not possible for me to answer these questions. Question 5 I believe a good team player should have the characteristics such as: 1) ability to respect other team members because without respecting opinions of other team members, it would not be able to trust the capacity of other team members, which can destroy the team objectives in the contingent period; 2) ability to coordinate with team members in fulfilling the project objectives because lack of coordination between team members can slow down the pace of project completion; and 3) ability to follow orders without asking unnecessary questions to authority because renouncing the direction of authority would increase disruption in the t eam. Question 6 In my team, a situational leadership model was followed and each of us had the chance to show leadership skills during the contingent period by exposing our skill set. Working in a democratic environment and encouraging team members to make decisions in the contingent period was the major strength of the situational leadership model. But, in some cases, absence of a particular leader had created chaos of ideas among team members. Part 2 Answer 1 Fitzsimons, James and Denyer (2011) and Pearce and Manz (2005) defined leadership as the ability of individuals to influence the thinking process of others and also move others in the direction of the very individual. Every institution needs good

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Amish in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Amish in America - Essay Example The Amish people have performed their best in agriculture and they have improved their lifestyles through assimilating the American way of living. Many scholars have presented the history of the Amish people and this topic is quite interesting because of the unique Amish cultural beliefs and their way of life in America. The study of Amish in America is one of the interesting aspects that attempt to reveal the traditional cultures and religious beliefs of the Amish people. However, modernization has contributed to the eroding of these traditional cultural beliefs and values; thus contributing to the swift currents of varied changes. The traditional Amish people have demonstrated an amazing resilience to varied cultural devastation. For instance, the distinctive dressing style and horse-drawn buggies set them apart as the society, which has dared to ignore the wave of modern advancement (Kraybill 23). Moreover, the Amish practices seem to defy the common sense because of varied contradictions and bound inconsistencies when studying their ways of life. Even, some of their neighbors call them hypocrites because of the attached beliefs of using varied services such as doctors and many others, but they do not want their children to pursue such careers related to such services. They ban telephone use from their homes but still use outdoor booth; thus, this can impact one’s understanding of American diversity. PBS. Org (pr. 6) reveals that some Amish who are attached to cultural beliefs reject modern technology such as use of phones, computer in homes, car ownership and even rejects televisions. Many of them use horses and farm carts for puling farm equipment, but those who have appreciated new technologies use tractors in farm fields. The Amish culture is not only a baffling issue to the outsiders, but also to themselves as well. Kraybill (5) argues that the puzzles of Amish cultural practices are baffling both to the outsiders and even the Amish

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Social entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social entrepreneurship - Essay Example While this aspect may seem obvious, the distinction interests me deeply because of social entrepreneurship’s potential to produce breakthrough outputs that could solve the perennial social problems such as income disparity, monopolies and so on. We should remember that we have been under some economic systems but our world is still confronted with issues such poverty, exploitation and so forth. In the course of my studies and research in this field, I have come across a lot of business models that sought to define what constitutes business and its purpose. There has been some degree of confusion for me since it seemed logical and reasonable to follow the popular economic theories, such as those of Milton Friedman’s which place profit as the main objective of a business’ existence. This was where things got interesting because the concept of the social entrepreneur disproved some widely accepted notions, say, in terms of the stakeholders in an enterprise. For the traditional business people, the sole stakeholder in a business organization is the stockholder or the owner of the capital and that the management is working for his benefit. In social entrepreneurship, the stakeholder is not only the entrepreneur but they include the community, the employees, their clients and all the participants in the organization and its operation. The attributes cited by William Drayton, which differentiates an entrepreneur from the social entrepreneur further underscores my point: â€Å"Social entrepreneurs have the same core temperament as their industry-creating, business entrepreneur peers but instead, use their talents to solve social problems.† (Drayton, 2002) If this concept would be refined into a successful business model and integrated in the mainstream, then there is a chance of a radical positive change not just in business but in the society as well. In line with the previously mentioned â€Å"pearl† the second important point that I would like to discuss

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Sino-Soviet relations Essays -- Soviet Union Russia History Communism

Sino-Soviet relations Following the Second World War a new political order existed. The world essentially was divided between two dominant and opposed spheres, that of the United States and that under the hegemony of the Soviet Union. This global order heavily influenced the foreign policy decisions of policy makers in both Washington and Moscow. Joseph Stalin, the General Secretary of the Communist party and the absolute dictator of the Soviet Union, sought national security for the Soviet Union above all else in the sphere of foreign relations. Stalin’s dealings with other governments, including other Communist leaders, aimed largely towards serving the needs he perceived to exist in his country. Stalin’s government in dealing with China and Chinese communists, therefore, was more concerned with Soviet national security than with the fulfillment of the international communist revolution. Soviet-Chinese Relations Under Lenin Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik party and the Revolution of 1917 which ushered in communist rule in Russia, believed firmly in the idea of a world revolution and the eventual victory of the International Soviet Republic. Lenin, in making contact with the government in Peking, expressed that â€Å"The Chinese revolution will lead to revolution throughout the entire East, and will bring finally the downfall of world imperialism.† On May 4, 1919 Chinese students and intellectuals demonstrated against what they viewed as pro-Japanese sentiments in the Peking government during what became known as the May Fourth Movement. Moscow began monitoring the situation in China with hopes of fostering a communist movement. In 1921 a meeting was held in Shanghai in which a new party, the Chinese Comm... ...he Soviet Experiment: Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Articles Chen, Jian. â€Å"Working Paper #1: The Sino-Soviet Alliance and China's Entry into the Korean War.† Cold War International History Project Virtual Archive. 1 Jun. 1992. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. 30 March 2003. . Chapters in edited books Jun, Niu. â€Å"The Orgins of the Sino-Soviet Alliance,† in Westad, Odd Arne, ed. Brothers In Arms: The Rise and Fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1945-1963. Washington D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 1998. Westad, Odd Arne. â€Å"Introduction,† in Westad, Odd Arne, ed. Brothers In Arms: The Rise and Fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1945-1963. Washington D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 1998.

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was considered by many historians as the Greatest American President. He was the sixteenth United States president, guided his country to the most devastating experience in its national history-the Civil War. Still, it can be said that President Lincoln went through several challenges even from his early age. Truly, we can learn many things from his life’s experiences and especially in his ideology, things that made him really worthy of being called the â€Å"Greatest American President†.In order to appreciate and really learn from the life of Abraham Lincoln, let us look closely to the life of Abraham Lincoln, his difficulties and struggles and especially his achievements. February 12, 1809 on a Sunday morning, Nancy Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln’s wife had given birth to a baby boy named after his grandfather Abraham in a log cabin Hardin bed of poles on the farm of Nolin Creek near Hodgenville, Kentucky. This area is now part of Larue country, the ar ea in which now is being considered the frontier. Bought of his parents are never had an education. His father Thomas worked as a farmer and a carpenter.Nancy Lincoln, his mother could not even write. Definitely, Abraham grew up literally without having or experiencing a formal education until his early age. Amazingly, during the year 1815, Abraham Lincoln at a very young age had already learned his ABC’s through his effort and trough the help of his teacher named Zachariah Riney. He has spent his spare time on a log school house. He attended classes with Sarah his sisters two years older than him. They sometimes attended school taught by their neighbor Caleb Hasel. At the age of seven their family moved to southern Indiana where he continues school after their migration to Kentucky.Abraham attends his school punctually, he always wears with him his raccoon cap, he only had his buckskin clothes and his pant that was wrecked as a marked of its age that by the time became too s hort for him that his calves were already exposed. At home Abraham heard verses and scriptures read from the family bible. The family of Abraham was all members of Baptist congregation and worshippers but due to the opposition to the slavery they had become separated in the congregation to another church. He was once saved from being drowned by his friend and Austin Gollaher.His family decided to stay near Gentryville in the Southern Indiana late in the year 1816. Nancy, his mother had died on the 5th day of October due to a disease contracted by drinking poisonous milk from cows known as milk sicknesses. And because of poverty Abraham may recall by then carving pegs to be able to provide his mother a coffin. He drags the coffin which was made by a green pine. They buried her without having a formal funeral service. At later year his father married a widow Sarah Bush Johston, she stand as a good mother to them and Abraham loves her as his real mother.She also encourages Abraham to e ducation. On the following year-1821, Abraham because of his eagerness to gain knowledge, learn and be thought with by man things began to borrow books from their fellow citizen. With all of those available books he begins reading it all keenly. He read books such as Arabian Nights, Robinson Crusoe as well as books of fables or the Aesop’s Fables. It was 1882 when he first attended James Swaney’s classes and this last about four months. Although his school attended taught by Azel Dorsey ended quickly, he never stops learning and learning, he made his self-education rewardingly.He read everything he could; he never stops reading and learning variety of subjects including mathematics, literature and law. Additionally, during his spare time he studied Law and become a successful Lawyer in the year 1836. On 1825 Abraham has been able to owned his personal book written by Parson Mason Weems â€Å"Life of Washington† which he worked and paid for the worth from Josiah Crawford, his neighbor when the book become soaked with rain. Abraham’s wife Mary Ann Todd was born on December 13, 1818. Abraham on 1831 decided to depart with his family and leave by his own.He began to formulate his own opinions as he saw some abuse happening during his second time around flatboat trip to New Orleans. He then moved to Illinois and start on getting closer with Ann the daughter of the house he boarded. Aside from operating a store he also works into several jobs such as surveying and serving as a post master while staying at Illinois. The people were all get impressed by his good character she actually gained the nick name â€Å"Honest Abe†. Mary Ann and Abraham had four sons but Robert Lincoln was the only one who survived into adulthood.Abraham believes that the government should be a force of good deeds and positive purpose whose desires are to serve the people. That is why he believes that he must have a high position to the government in order fo r him to be a more influential leader so that he can able to achieve his goal. And because of the eagerness he has in his heart his strong aspiration makes him entered politics. And to become the president of the United States becomes his burning desire. It was August 1, year 1831 when Abraham cast his first ballot. In 1832, at the age of 23 he unsuccessfully ran for Illinois Legislature.After two years he became elected for the lower house 1834, 1836, 1838 until 1841 and won all 4 times for the first of four consecutive terms. He ran eight in the field of 13 candidates for the position. Lincoln being the member of a Whig party had become able to give his support to the Illinois State Bank, the second bank of the United States. It was 1856 when he was still a Whig member and soon became a republican. The government has sponsored internal improvements such as roads, canals, railroads, harbors, protective tariffs and other navigational improvements.His first flat forms announced that, time and experience verified that the poorest and the most thinly populated countries would be greatly benefited by supporting this improvement on the Sangamon River because he believed that it will allow those poor areas near the river to flourish by attracting steamboat traffic. Lincoln is not like most politicians in his time, he considered everyone to be equal. He recognized the presence of everyone in the community, he even considered farmers as no more or less than anyone else. He had sympathy to labor; evidence that he did not forget his past and that humility is still in his personality.As early as 1837, Lincoln stated his opposition to slavery stating that it was the opposite of opportunity and as well as mobility. Lincoln ran and the United States House of Representative and has won it in 1846. He became popular for opposing slavery and Washington’s Mexican War. He returned home and practiced hi Law and tried to have more focused on it more than before. Unfortunate ly, the next following years for him were the year of struggles. But because of his determination and eagerness to pursue things he begin he never let all of this down failed and discouraged him in reaching his dreams.Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 renewed his interest in politics. Though he became unsuccessful in his ran for the bid for the U. S. Senate in 1855, in the year 1856 nomination for the Republican vice-president he by then received some support. In the same year he also have his speech of opposing the Dred Scott decision in the year 1857 known as the â€Å"Lost Speech†. He had also given his legendary speech, the â€Å"House Divided† June 16, 1858. Furthermore, Lincoln had also engaged in series of debates also on the year 1858 with Stephen A. Douglas who won the Senatorial race.He was definitely not an abolitionist but just in opposition to the increase of slavery into the country. In 1860, he has received national recognition and promotes his national reputa tion in New York at the Cooper with a successful speech. His perseverance and hard work paid of when he finally became the sixteenth president of the United States. However, during this time the due to the south is dependent on slavery in order to prosper and because of this conflicts arise between the north and south and the south decided to form their own union.Being the newly elected president of a United States, Abraham Lincoln prioritized saving the original union even if this means the start of the civil war. The civil war arises in 1861 and on the 19th of November 1863, Lincoln delivered a speech on a battle field that is near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The said speech is said to have shaped the United States’ destiny and is known as the â€Å"Gettysburg Address†. The speech contains Lincoln’s vision of a nation that is conceived by liberty and equality among its citizens.In his Inaugural Address, he warned the South saying, â€Å"In your hands, my dissat isfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war, the government will not assail you. † (Bush, 2007). Lincoln added, â€Å"You have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to preserve, protect and depend it† (Bush, 2007). Even without that much experience, the succeeding years of civil war had proved that Lincoln is one the most extraordinary leaders that the United States had ever seen.Lincoln had shown good leadership ability, morally and also politically. He saw that the war is a fight against secession and not against slavery and on September 1862, he announced the Emancipation Proclamation that interprets the war as a form of crusade against slavery. In 1865, slavery was legally ended through the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. It is also in the Gettysburg Address that the famous idea of Lincoln of â€Å"government of the people. by the people, for the people† had been made known and he define the civil war as a struggle against such idea of the government.Civil War were lasted for about four long years and this years of struggles were ended in 1865 and cause the death of American people of more than half a million lives. Still, the president’s view and dream of a nation was realized, a nation that is united where people are free from slavery. President Lincoln, together with his wife went to Washington, DC in the Ford Theater to celebrate the end of the civil war. However, the victory of the president in uniting the nation does not pleased everyone and one of them is John Wilkes Booth, an actor of the play in Ford Theater. Booth shot President Lincoln that cause the president’s death.Up to now, the memory of President Lincoln still lives in the heart and memories of his fellow countrymen, guiding every American and the whole world to create a good nation and a better world where everyone is equal regardless of our distinction. Presi dent Abraham Lincoln is truly one of a kind and deserves our respect and the honor given to him, even greater. Not only his views and principles are admirable but also how he achieved his dreams and everything the he went through makes him even more worthy of our respect. References A&E Television Networks. (2007). Abraham Lincoln Biography (1809-65). RetrievedDecember 02, 2007 from http://www. biography. com/search/article. do? id=9382540. Bush, J. W. (No Date). Abraham Lincoln. Retrieved December 02, 2007 from http://www. whitehouse. gov/history/presidents/al16. html Cyber Nation. (2004). The Compelling Story of Abraham Lincoln. Retrieved December 02, 2007 from http://www. cybernation. com/lincoln_bio. html Norton, R. ,J. (2007). An Overview of Abraham Lincoln's Life. Retrieved December 02, 2007 from http://home. att. net/~rjnorton/Lincoln77. html Norton, R. , J. (2007). A Brief Biography of Abraham Lincoln. Retrieved December 02, 2007 from http://members. aol. com/RVSNorton/Linco ln23. html

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The Reliability of the Land Registration Act Free Essay Example, 1500 words

As regards the unregistered title position, legal easements are enforceable under the general rule however this is clearly similar to the registered system, with the status of the easement as an overriding interest. Accordingly, this clearly undermines the LRA 2002 s purpose of simplification as asserted by the Law Commission. Moreover, with regard to equitable easements, in Thatcher v Douglas the Court of Appeal by some rather strained logic held that equitable easements were overriding interests within the definition of section 70(1) (a) of the 1925 Land Registration Act. Accordingly, the result of the Thatcher case clearly extended the range of protection for third party rights for registered titles under the pre-2002 position. Additionally, Sexton comments that perhaps the most difficult feature of the whole 2002 Act is its treatment of easements and profits . Firstly, the LRA 2002 provides that all easements and profits already existing against a registered title continue to be governed by Section 70(1) (a) of the 1925 Act. Moreover, in line with the Thatcher decision, all pre-existing easements at the date of the 2002 Act s implementation will continue to be overriding post-2002 irrespective of whether they are legal or equitable. We will write a custom essay sample on The Reliability of the Land Registration Act or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page